The Birmingham Toolkit

Cultural Fusion

A crossroads for culture

Birmingham is a natural meeting point. Diverse cultural influences are easy to spot everywhere in the city. Different nationalities, religions, arts, interests and ideas all exist side-by-side, giving the city’s people and businesses the gutsy confidence to always try something different and to explore everything new.

Some examples

  • Nearly a third of Birmingham’s residents are of minority ethnic origin, bringing a rich cultural mix to the city.
  • The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and International Convention Centre (ICC) host over 200,000 conferences and 320 exhibitions every year, bringing an influx of new ideas and minds to Birmingham.
  • Over 90% of the UK market, customers and businesses are within a four-hour drive of the city.
  • It was always a risk putting 12th and 21st century architecture so close together. And although the clashing styles of St Martin’s Church and Selfridges at Bullring may divide opinion, it remains one of the country’s most striking examples of architectural fusion.
  • The Drum is Europe’s first arts centre dedicated to developing and promoting African, Caribbean and Asian arts and culture.