The Birmingham Toolkit

Business Facts

Why Birmingham for business?

Birmingham’s economy is fuelled by energetic, enterprising minds that work together – smart, curious and entrepreneurial individuals pulling together to create and grow companies that are fuelling the city’s growing reputation as a leading European business hub.

Business ideas in Birmingham are never in short supply, with an open, thriving business community keen to collaborate and a fervent belief that anything is possible. And this is what Birmingham offers – a young, diverse and creative workforce where determined and energetic individuals and businesses are encouraged and nurtured.

This section is designed to help the city’s businesses quickly communicate the character of Birmingham and its benefits to others.

If you need any further help in sharing the benefits of Birmingham to a business audience, including potential investors, please contact our specialist marketing team who can help you promote the UK’s most energetic city to your key audience.

Business Birmingham

Companies looking to grow here are supported by Business Birmingham, the city’s inward investment programme, which provides intelligence, advice and support to ensure a smooth relocation and help companies secure tangible growth.

Business Birmingham has identified shared services, transport technologies, financial services and digital media amongst others as key growth sectors for the city - and areas of real opportunity for investors.

Businesses looking for their next base can be confident that Birmingham is ready for their arrival. No other UK city is witnessing such high levels of development activity, with a major expansion of Birmingham Airport, a £600 million transformation of the UK’s busiest rail hub, New Street Station Gateway, and the £188.8 million iconic Library of Birmingham which opened in September.

All these landmark developments, which will direct the city’s future, are supported by the Big City Plan, a 20 year vision for its development that acts as a blueprint for investors – allowing them to see exactly what the city will be like and how it can help their business to grow.

Birmingham’s ambitious development and economic growth agenda, critical mass of talent, accessible location, high quality of life and thriving business scene make it one of the most attractive cities in Europe to do business.