The Birmingham Toolkit

Business facts

Why Birmingham for business?

Birmingham is making things happen. With record visitor numbers, more jobs than ever created from inward investment and the largest investment in infrastructure for a generation, the city is making waves and competing with leading global destinations.

Well connected and centrally located, Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK with one of the youngest, most diverse populations in the country. With more than one million residents, Birmingham is the largest of the British core cities, with the widest-reaching, all-purpose local authority in Europe. Together with the Greater Birmingham region, the city makes a significant contribution to the UK’s economy, providing a strong barometer for the country’s economic recovery and growth.

This section is designed to help the city’s businesses quickly communicate the character of Birmingham and its benefits to others.

If you need any further help in sharing the benefits of Birmingham to a business audience, including potential investors, please contact our specialist marketing team who can help you promote the UK’s most energetic city to your key audience.