The Birmingham Toolkit

Big ideas for the future

  • Head straight to Innovation Birmingham Campus to see innovation in action. A hub for science and technology, at this ‘science park without walls’ companies work together to drive forward the city’s most innovative ideas.
  • We’re putting considerable Birmingham brainpower behind finding more sustainable solutions. Led by the University of Birmingham, the ground-breaking Hydrogen Energy project will develop technologies for the sustainable production, storage and utilisation of hydrogen. 
  • Aston University was also involved in the UK’s largest electric vehicle trial and is developing a ‘mini power plant’ on its campus fuelled by heat and electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • The Science City Research Alliance is a major brainchild of Birmingham Science City, bringing together the impressive research capabilities of the universities of Birmingham and Warwick and providing world-leading research and knowledge support across three major platforms: advanced materials, energy futures and translational medicine.
  • The city is a leader in nanotechnology and photonics - the Photonics Research Group at Aston University is one of the largest in the UK, with its world class research findings now being applied to enhanced broadband communications, medical diagnostics and data storage.
  • We’re blurring the lines between science fiction and fact, through advances in science such as the development of an ‘invisibility cloak’ at the University of Birmingham that can hide three-dimensional objects and open exciting avenues for future applications of cloaking devices.